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The Pembroke Intermediate School is proudly a Blue Ribbon School located in the town of Corfu, NY. Setting high expectations for all students has allowed our Intermediate School to consistently lead the county in multiple Math and English Language Arts standardized test scores. The Pembroke Intermediate School has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and continues to strive to meet the high expectations of preparing students for the new Common Core Learning Standards and to be successful on all New York State Assessments. The students at the Intermediate School are challenged through goal setting and motivational components to become avid readers. Through the use of Accelerated Reader as one of the peripheral strategies, many students meet and exceed the goal of reading 1 million words read per year. The students at the Intermediate School participate in a number of extra-curricular club activities as part of a well-rounded curriculum to support the growth of each child. 

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February Reading Contest at the Intermediate School!

The February Reading Contest has begun!  This month, the students of the Pembroke Intermediate School will try to reach 1,000 books read!  Get reading and take those AR tests everyone!  The contest ends February 28th! 

The Pink Dragons Love Animals

The Pink Dragons are showing their love of animals with a collection drive to help animals in our community. They are hoping you love animals as well and will help them by donating items for the Genesee County Animal Shelter and the SPCA. Please see the form below for more information.  Thank you for your generosity!!

Pink Dragons Love Animals

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Foster’s Dragon Celebration Wall
 The following students were recently sent to my office to have exemplary work displayed on the “Foster’s Dragon Celebration Wall”: Anneka Pray, Josh Szadek, Annalee Winnicki, Haley Sweet, Maddox Lawrence, Madison Chatley, Logan Manne, Rylie Ace, Grace Ellis, Matthew Cummings, Layla Fix, Hailey Bierma, Jacob Rast, Isla Czechowicz, Nathanael Duttweiler, Jacob vonKramer, Tyler Kulpa, Grace Mileham, Carly Cerasani, Scotty McWilliams, Logan Schiefer, Anthony Abbatiello, Jasmine Pray, Reece Starowicz, Darren Lamb, Kaitlyn Cole, Callie Windnagle, Victoria Franks, Kayla Reynolds, Kirstyn Eastman, Brianna Reynolds, Jacquelyn Neureuter, Sam Coddington, David Meyer, Brady Clare, Jacie Clark, Onolee Easterbrook, Kasen Brick, William Gibson, Seth Jaszko, Jacob Johnson, Tyler Koepf, Kamryn Stimson, Connor Sobczak, Chayce Stiles, Philly Troche, Gabe Crandall, Tyler Mutka, Rowan Beswick, Reagan Schneider, Leah Filter, Nathan Santini, Ayden Rindell, Zachary Balash, Jacob Gorom, Blake Carpenter, Evelyn Chittenden, Maia Hoffman, Kylie Monette, Jayden Bridge, and Kylan Ball.  Congratulations! Great Job, All!
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